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Ellen Irie

President & CEO

For over twenty years, nationally-known strategist and evaluator Ellen Irie has supported her clients—nonprofits and the organizations that fund them—in understanding and making the change they want to create. Whether conducting an evaluation, building organizational capacity or creating strategy, Ellen shares knowledge with organizations, collaborations, networks and initiatives so that they can understand their impact and make... Read more »

Gail July 2017

Gail Camacho

Vice President & COO

Gail supports the company’s growth and long-term sustainability by overseeing its organizational development and infrastructure, including finance, human resources, operations and communications. As part of the Management Team with the President and CEO, Gail directs and contributes to growth activities that further the company’s strategic business goals, and builds on Informing Change’s thriving talent by... Read more »


AnnJanette Rosga


AnnJanette (Anjie) Rosga brings to Informing Change experience in training and capacity building as well as equity, formative, developmental, advocacy and network/coalition evaluation. She comes to Informing Change from the firm she founded in 2010, Transpositions Consulting. At Transpositions and previously, Anjie has served as a research, facilitation and training consultant to nonprofit, governmental... Read more »

Michael Arnold July 2017

Michael P. Arnold


As a Director at Informing Change, Michael brings over 15 years of experience conducting research and program evaluation to support efforts that advance health equity, with a particular focus on social and structural determinants.  His research has informed community, psychosocial, and behavioral health interventions among, for example, African American, Latino, LGBTQ, low-income, and incarcerated populations. His cross-sector work... Read more »


Andrea Leitereg

Research Assistant

In her role at Informing Change, Andrea supports client projects in a number of ways, particularly through assisting with quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis as well as with survey programming and administration. Previously, Andrea worked in a research capacity at Lyft, a technology startup in San Francisco. There, she helped build a team that synthesized customer insights into product... Read more »

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Becca Schlichtig

Project Manager

As Project Manager at Informing Change, Becca juggles the who, what, when and how of our various client projects. Becca applies her planning, coordination, and communication skills to ferry a client projects from launch calls to final deliverables, as well as oversee and improve company-wide systems within the company. Becca brings over 10 years of community development experience to Informing Change. Her previous focus... Read more »

Dina 2017

Dina de Veer

Senior Associate

Dina works on a range of applied research, evaluation and strategy projects. Her role includes managing projects, articulating theories of change, developing data collection instruments, conducting data collection, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, interpreting and visualizing findings and contributing to reports. She currently serves on project teams with clients such as the San... Read more »


Evan A. Gattozzi


In his role as an Associate, Evan works with his teams to provide extensive data collection and qualitative and quantitative analysis across data sets. This includes developing data collection tools, conducting telephone interviews with key stakeholders, analyzing data, and contributing to written reports. Evan manages projects that primarily focus on education and youth engagement and is committed... Read more »


Irazema Garcia

Office Manager

As office manager, Irazema is the central node in the day-to-day operations at Informing Change. She provides the infrastructure and support that keeps the Informing Change office running smoothly in operations that span human resources, administrative support, planning company events and retreats, and finance.   Prior to her time at Informing Change, Irazema worked in the nonprofit sector on issues... Read more »


Maya Fegan

Research Assistant

Maya provides research support to client projects, including data collection and analysis, survey programming and administration, data presentation, and administrative support. Prior to joining Informing Change, Maya worked as the Project Coordinator for Emerge America, a political campaign training program for women candidates. In this role she provided communications and operations support, as well as special projects... Read more »


Michael Hannaman

Research Assistant

As a Research Assistant, Michael supports Informing Change’s client projects by assisting with data collection, survey programming and administration, graphics preparation for reports, and client scheduling. He also provides support in editing and formatting projects when needed. Michael’s background includes work as a Research Assistant in various capacities, supporting quantitative and qualitative data... Read more »

Natalie 2017 (2)

Natalie Blackmur

Communications Manager

Across client projects, business development and marketing, Natalie supports the company's efforts to share the work and learning we've done alongside our clients. Natalie ensures that Informing Change products and communications, whether for clients or our broader external audience, convey their meaning in clear and compelling ways. She partners with staff to hone the Informing Change voice and then... Read more »


Nila Rosen

Senior Consultant

As a senior associate, Nila manages a diverse portfolio of projects that inform the health, well-being and education of children, families and women of reproductive age. Nila brings 16 years of experience and a passion for developing evaluation frameworks and research tools, initiating strategic growth, writing grants and fundraising, and building coalitions and partnerships. She is particularly interested in using data and... Read more »


Sheila Walsh

Senior Associate

Sheila is deeply involved in gathering the highest quality data for informing clients’ future work and presenting it in a clear, thought-provoking manner. Her focus is on developing data collection instruments, collecting data, analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, and producing deliverables. She also works identifying and integrating appropriate secondary data sources to complement... Read more »


Suzuki Rodriguez


In her tenure at Informing Change, first as an assistant and now as an associate, Suzuki has developed a wide-ranging and dynamic sense of how different areas for change—education, health, and youth engagement—interact and affect one another, especially in low-income communities. She draws on these interconnections to design user-centered data collection instruments that... Read more »

Theresa July 2017 (2)

Theresa Esparrago Lieu

Senior Associate

Theresa’s passion and research interests center on issues of diversity, equity, and access for underserved and underrepresented communities. As a Senior Associate, she applies her skills accordingly, managing project teams, designing surveys, facilitating focus groups, conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis, supporting systems thinking and developmental evaluation efforts, and authoring a range of... Read more »

Tina for website 2017

Tina Cheplick

Senior Consultant

In her role as Senior Consultant, Tina provides strategic consulting, evaluation, applied research and planning assistance for a range of philanthropic and nonprofit clients. Using her qualitative expertise, she develops evaluation plans, designs data-collection tools, leads data collection efforts, analyses and articulate findings, and prepares client deliverables. She examines community... Read more »