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what we do

We're here to help clarify your intentions and understand your impact.

Our Services

Clarify Your Vision and Inform Your Decision-Making

AKA STRATEGY: When we work together on strategy, we identify what you intend to do and why you think it will work. We do this through developing tools and deploying methods such as a theory of change or action, logic models, strategic planning, organizational assessments, program and initiative design, meeting facilitation and design, issue area research and analysis, needs assessments, landscape analyses and environmental scans, systems maps, and literature reviews.

Better Understand Your Impact

AKA DATA, EVALUATION, AND LEARNING: We'll help you explore and unpack the change you’re making using mixed methods evaluation planning and implementation (whether formative, developmental, or summative), including model documentation, protocol development, data collection and analyses, and narrative and visual reporting.

Grow Your Capacity to Learn

AKA COACHING: We think learning by doing is best. We can build your capacity to integrate learning into your work using technical assistance, participatory sensemaking, learning community facilitation, data systems improvements, and ongoing support.


“We don’t normally work with external consultants, so to have had a really good experience that was universally shared by leadership made a difference in the success of the project; staff and leadership were more open and willing to hear what was emerging from the work.”
Tina Eshaghpour
Director of Organizational Learning & Evaluation, The California Wellness Foundation
“We have pretty high bars in terms of what we think evaluations and evaluation partners should deliver to our program colleagues – in a way evaluation consultants are an extension of our team. When we look for evaluation partners, we look for folks share our values, are able to navigate complexity, shift as priorities shift, and are not only beholden to a rigid workplan. We’re so appreciative to work with folks like Informing Change who do all of those things with humility and expertise.”
Anna Cruz
Strategic Learning and Evaluation Officer, The Kresge Foundation
“Working with Informing Change was so helpful because they could predict the questions our board was going to ask, and made sure we included those questions as part of our evaluation plan and analysis... Because of that, our report is a really powerful communication tool for our board.”
Catherine MacDonald Burns
National Training Director for PowerLab, Girls Leadership
“It was very clarifying working so closely with your team, with people who aren’t as close to ChangeLab’s work... We don’t always take the time to explain the steps from point A to point B. Working with you all really forced us to do that—to make everything really specific. I think that was really valuable because we have a better shared understanding now for something as fundamental as what we do and why we do it.”
Hannah Sheehy
Former Senior Policy Analyst, ChangeLab Solutions
“I appreciated Informing Change’s expertise, especially in the team’s careful survey design, which brought layers of professionalism and validation. The intentional work Informing Change did upfront in crafting survey questions meant the data that came back was really valuable and interesting.”
Laura Rodriguez
Director of Programs, Justice Outside
“A lot of the work we did with Informing Change was consensus building among the field. In large part because of Informing Change’s support, we were able to get a bunch of organizations on the same page.”
Jonathan Dubinsky
Project Manager, Jewish Community Farming Field Build Initiative
“Informing Change has been one of the easiest partners for us. Every time we needed to communicate or do something it was always done. The staff was very responsive and very customer-focused. They really care about us and always asked if we are doing okay and how they can better support us.”
Staff member
Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services
“I felt comfortable picking up the phone and talking about the data. The personalities of the people we engaged with created that natural connection and touchpoint.... We were always welcomed with enthusiasm and genuine care. It felt like we were family.”
Jen Kraus Rosen
Chief Operating Officer, Moishe House
"Informing Change consistently provides the professional team and Board of Directors with clear, thorough, and intelligently articulated evaluation information on key foundation initiatives."
Chip Edelsberg, PhD
Former Executive Director, Jim Joseph Foundation
“Everyone was very professional, warm, and smart. They all asked great questions. We got an ‘A team’ of people who knew what they were doing and managed the work really well.”
Aliza Mazor
"Having worked with Informing Change in a number of contexts, I’m impressed with the thoughtfulness, rigor, and relevance of their work. It stimulates ongoing learning not only with their direct clients but also in the field more broadly."
Ellen Friedman
Former Executive Vice President, Tides
"Informing Change not only crafted a superb program evaluation plan, but became an important strategy partner along the way. Their input and guidance has been invaluable."
Jeff Sunshine
Program Officer, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Our clients

We’ve partnered with over 100 foundations, nonprofits, public agencies, coalitions, and networks working in and at the intersections of education, youth engagement, community development, health and wellness, and human rights. Some of our recent clients:

Our Approach

Data should support learning

We believe data should support learning, knowledge is power, and context and systems matter. In enacting these beliefs, we rely on working as a team, using inclusive methodologies, and bringing diverse voices to decision-making and strategy tables. Our wrap-around project management ensures we make the most of our time, talent, and treasure.