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Informing Change is officially under new ownership!

Understand the change you’re making.


Infographic with Informing Change's 25 Years Logo. It also lists 600+ projects completed (evaluations, strategic plans, logic models, theories of change, learnings), as well as a map of the United States with states colored in where Informing Change has had clients. It also includes the shapes of Canada, Israel, and the Netherlands where Informing Change has had international clients.

We live our values

The pursuit of our company values – curiosity, integrity, compassion, and social justice – guide the who, what, why, and how of our work.

Our job is to help changemakers learn from the work they do and share the power of their learning with the communities they serve.

Read our equity statement.

What we do

We ask good questions

Whether helping you define your strategy, getting feedback from community members, or making sense of your data together, our questions aim to deepen our collective understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish and how you’ll get there.

We listen deeply

Every person is an expert on their own life, and we value this expertise. Listening is our greatest tool in transforming these individual lived experiences into an interwoven source of insight and power.

We clear the noise

In our increasingly complex, interconnected, and interdependent world, there have never been more ways to create change or more data to gather. When we listen, reflect back, and synthesize with you, we’ll surface what’s important to both learn and, ultimately, do.

Our clients

We’ve partnered with over 100 foundations, nonprofits, public agencies, coalitions, and networks working in and at the intersections of education, youth engagement, community development, health and wellness, and human rights. Some of our recent clients: