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Rachel Kramer


The principles that drive my life and career echo the guiding principles of Informing Change: intelligence, integrity, compassion, and the pursuit of social justice. My work is also influenced by philosopher of science Sandra Harding’s reminder that “Science is politics by other means,” which frames scientific inquiry as an inherently political process guided by people and institutions with the power and money to invest in particular questions that result in particular knowledge, and subsequently, particular policies, technologies, or strategies. Harding’s framework is especially vital as more organizations become interested in making decisions informed by data. It is important to ask: where did that data come from and how was it collected? Who is represented in the data and more importantly, who is not represented in the data?

In my work at Informing Change, I want to make sure data collection processes are thoughtful and inclusive so that the resulting data can be as representative as possible. I bring to my work a critical approach to data collection and analysis that acknowledges both the ways that data can create positive and meaningful change as well as how it can cause unintended harm and erasure. My approach is informed by my education in the ethics of data science as well as my experience working with Tribes and Tribally Designated Housing Entities on data collection projects and community needs assessments. I believe in empowerment through data sovereignty and decolonizing research and research methods.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy celebrating the rich and complex histories and contexts of the music I love. You can also find me indoors reading science fiction or outdoors running, hiking, or riding my bike.

  • Use-related methamphetamine contamination in managed housing
  • Tribal housing and community needs assessments
  • Ethics in data science and data privacy
  • Survey design
  • Participatory research methods
  • Harm reduction
  • Music and arts
Prior Experience
  • Research Associate, Big Water Consulting
  • Marketing & Communications, The Vera Project
  • Research Assistant and Research Coordinator at various social science research labs
  • Master of Information and Data Science, University of California, Berkeley
  • BS, Psychology with Honors, University of Washington

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