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Author: Johnny

Taking Our Leadership to the Next Level
By Michael Arnold (Partner & Co-Executive Director), Gail Camacho (Partner & COO), and Anjie Rosga (Partner & Co-Executive Director)

We are excited to announce we are now the co-owners of Informing Change!        

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Hello, Oakland!
By Gail Camacho

Our COO, Gail, reflects on a new era for Informing Change as we move from Berkeley to Oakland.

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Reflections from 25 Years of Informing Change
By Gail Camacho (COO), Michael Arnold (Director), and Anjie Rosga (Director)

As Informing Change marks its silver anniversary, we, the Leadership Team, reflect on what our work has taught us since 1998, how that has influenced how we operate as a company, and how that will inform the next quarter-century.          

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Evolving Our Company Values
By Informing Change

In marking 25 years of Informing Change, we took the opportunity to revisit our company’s guiding values. These were established when our company was founded and last updated in a pre-COVID world, and serve as a living indicator of where we are and guide us toward where we want to go. To reflect our company and the world in which…

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