Evaluation information is power—power that speeds foundations’ and nonprofits’ progress toward fulfilling their organizational missions and program goals.

Informing Change designs and conducts evaluations that foster an environment rich with continuous learning and reflection. We secure information that allows our client organizations to improve practice and impact. Our evaluations are grounded in sound evaluation design and execution, with deep and cogent analysis.

The process often begins with articulating a program’s internal logic. This includes identifying the problems the organization is setting out to solve, the strategies it will employ, the target constituencies and the desired short- and long-term results.

Armed with this knowledge, we can tailor-design our evaluations around the needs and capacities of our clients.

Informing Change offers the following customized evaluation components:

  • Logic model / theory of change
  • Evaluation design
  • Tools and protocol development
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Narrative, graphic and visual reporting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Evaluation coaching

Our clients use Informing Change’s findings to make lasting improvements to the practices and outcomes in their organizations.