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Tools for Building a Data-Driven Culture

By Sheila Walsh

The California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) funded Center for Care Innovations (CCI) to develop a 14-month, cohort-based learning program for safety net healthcare organizations to strengthen their data analytics capabilities to improve patient care. CCI recently launched, which adapts SNAP’s curriculum and learning tools into an online, webinar format for any organization to use. There are videos and tools on creating a strategy for building data capability, engaging teams, and choosing the right technology.

We’re adding our evaluation findings to this treasure trove of resources. In our field brief, A Model for Improving Health Care Data Analytics, we provide an overview of SNAP and lessons learned. One case study, Building a Data-Driven Culture shares big-picture takeaways on how SNAP participants overcame cultural challenges in integrating data into organization-wide decision-making. Plus, in two other case studies, we explore specific ways organizations strengthened their data analytics capabilities. The first, How Analytics Transform a Health Home Model tells the story of how Contra Costa Health System designed an ambulatory care model using data analytics. The second, Turning Data into Insights, provides examples from SNAP participants who used dashboards as tools for instilling data-driven cultures in their organizations.

Regardless of whether your organization is part of the healthcare safety net, SNAP evaluation findings and the resources on provide important and much-needed guidance to anyone embarking on building a data-driven culture.