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The Clubhouse Network’s International Alumni Network: Results from the 2021 Evaluation


As The Clubhouse Network (TCN) approached its 30th anniversary, organization leaders engaged Informing Change to evaluate the impact of the Clubhouses on TCN alumni dating back to the program’s earliest years. Through the evaluation, we focus on TCN’s long-term impact on young people and their reflections on how the Clubhouse experience affects their lives. Our evaluation also identifies the ways alumni want to engage with each other and the International Clubhouse Alumni Network (ICAN).

For this evaluation, Informing Change conducted five focus groups with 35 alumni around the world and administered a survey across the alumni network yielding 195 responses. This report documents our findings.

About The Clubhouse Network

Since its beginnings in 1993, The Clubhouse Network has been a resource for thousands of young people to explore their own interests, develop skills, and build confidence through the use of technology. Now located in more than 130 low-income communities in 21 countries around the world, each Clubhouse is at once an inventor’s workshop, design house, sound stage, hackerspace, music studio, and programming lab. At the Clubhouse, youth from underserved communities express their creativity, engage in peer-to-peer learning, and develop skills.

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