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Team Type: Ownership & Leadership Team

Michael P. Arnold

What is your role in our equitable future? Whether it’s stepping back and ceding power, strengthening opportunities for others, or seizing your own power to realize your authentic self, I work to help us navigate these decisions, implement solutions for change, and challenge barriers to racial and intersectional equity. I... Read more »

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Gail Camacho

My purpose is to be in the service of others. As a Filipino immigrant, I was raised in a culture of helping one another and understood the importance of creating a supportive community. As a culture builder, integrator, and teacher, I love passing on what I learn and sharing knowledge... Read more »

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AnnJanette Rosga

Social change is only possible when we speak truth to power, but “truth” and “power” are not simple words with static definitions that lend themselves to easily shared understanding. More often, we assume we know what these words mean and that our own understanding matches that of others. I work... Read more »

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