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Preparing the Next Generation of Health Center Leaders: The Experience of the Clinic Leadership Institute’s Emerging Leaders Program


As California faces the challenges of an evolving healthcare landscape, there is an unprecedented need for a committed and adaptable network of leaders in the community health centers field. To meet this need and strengthen the next generation of community health center leaders, The Blue Shield of California Foundation partnered with the Center for the Health Professions at the University of California, San Francisco to administer the Clinic Leadership Institute Emerging Leaders program, training eight cohorts of participants from California health centers since 2008.

Informing Change followed the Clinic Leadership Institute Emerging Leaders program from its beginning, and this report draws on seven years of data from the first five Emerging Leaders cohorts to summarize the program’s results, among them: the CLI program nurtures individuals’ career growth, reignites their commitment to the community health centers field, and builds more robust and resilient health centers.

For others who work in and support community health centers and the broader California safety net, this report also summarizes key lessons learned on designing effective programs, supporting organizations to foster leadership, and strengthening field-wide leadership.