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Moishe House: 2018 Evaluation Findings


Moishe House supports over 60,000 young adults around the world in creating meaningful Jewish communities for their peers. As an organization deeply committed to ongoing learning and development, Moishe House leadership engages in in-depth evaluation of their flagship program every three years to understand the program’s overall impact and opportunities to better meet the needs and interests of their constituents. Moishe House engaged Informing Change for a second time in 2018 to evaluate their flagship programs—Moishe House and Moishe House Without Walls—following up on studies conducted in 2011 and 2015. Evaluation findings are primarily based on a survey of program participants and leaders, administered to Jewish young adults around the world. The evaluation also featured a longitudinal analysis of survey responses from a subset of Moishe House participants and leaders over time. Organization leadership uses the evaluation results to better understand participants in Moishe House’s worldwide programming and how they can best serve their large and diverse audience.