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Key Learnings from Nadiv’s Launch & The Nadiv Story Unfolding


The Nadiv Program (Nadiv) is an innovative pilot made possible by a partnership between the Jim Joseph Foundation and the AVI CHAI Foundation and is operated by The Foundation for Jewish Camp. The collaborative Nadiv partnership created six new Jewish educator positions, Nadiv Educators, which are shared between Jewish summer camps and schools.

In these memos, Informing Change documents and summarizes the story of Nadiv and offer key learnings from its development and early implementation. The first memo, The Nadiv Story, Unfolding, documents the formation and early implementation of the new Nadiv program. The second memo, Key Learnings from Nadiv’s Launch, shares successes, key learnings and offers recommendations for Nadiv’s ongoing implementation and future partnerships. These learnings will inform the six pilot Nadiv partnerships as they move forward, and many of the lessons are relevant to institutional collaborations more broadly.