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Journey of Informing Change

By Ellen Irie


Not many people know that when our founders brainstormed a name for the company, one of the options they considered was Informing Change. For me, rebranding and adopting Informing Change as our name circles back to the company’s roots and reaffirms our very purpose for being.

Our purpose is the reason why I embraced the position of leading this company when the opportunity arose several years ago. Having worked with Jill, Fay and Paul—the company’s founders—before they even conceived of the company and since its inception, I am deeply and personally tied to our mission of informing change. Over time, the company has evolved, as have our clients, their needs and our communities. But as things change, what stays constant for the company is our values—integrity, intelligence and compassion—which guide our approach and stand the test of time.

When people ask me why I do this work, I share my conviction for applying our knowledge and expertise toward the ultimate goal of improving people’s lives and contributing to strong and vibrant communities. Our work with hundreds of organizations over the past 15 years has affirmed time and again that change can be effectively shaped and guided in programs, organizations and fields of practice to further the social good. By sharing the right types of information in a process that engages key stakeholders at opportune moments, we help our clients better understand their impact and develop effective strategies for the future. Our clients frequently comment on how the combination of our data and partnership validates their work, offers a sense of perspective, builds capacity and establishes priorities for moving forward.

As I pause to reflect on the company’s work for this rebranding effort, I am proud of all that we and our clients have accomplished. As I look forward, I know that Informing Change—just like our clients—will continue to innovate to meet the needs of the day. We eagerly embrace the challenge of informing change to help accelerate and intensify our clients’ impact.