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Health Forward Foundation Safety Net Portfolio Report


Over the last four years, Informing Change has partnered with the Health Forward Foundation (HFF, formerly the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City) to build a framework for evaluating the Foundation’s three portfolios: Safety Net, Mental Health, and Healthy Communities. Our team worked closely with each portfolio to construct and refine their theories of change, as well as develop relevant indicators and build reporting forms that capture grantee data in clear and meaningful ways. To prepare grantees for this transition in grant reporting, we hosted an in-person training to provide a forum for feedback and dialogue, ensure collective understanding of the reporting forms, and share best practices among grantees for measuring their impact. Once grantees submitted their data, we aggregated and analyzed their reports and facilitated a series of meaning making conversations with the Safety Net team. These conversations allowed us to draw out learnings, challenges, and shared impact measures across the portfolio, ultimately producing a summary of the progress and outcomes for HFF’s 2016 grantees in the following report.