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Blue Rosga

Pawject Manager

Like all my friends at Informing Change, I have both professional and personal selves. Since everyone loves to give me pats and scratches, I help them remember that I am also a professional by donning my own business casual jacket. When it’s on, I focus on my consulting work with my primary teammate, Anjie. When the jacket comes off, I like to ask my colleagues for a little love by staring at them intently or giving them gentle nose-taps. This ensures that nobody concentrates (or takes themselves too seriously) for longer than necessary.

In addition to these core duties, I take pride in the 100-yard squirrel-free zone I maintain wherever I go, and the critical role I play in maintaining a delicate balance between this species and the rest of us. I also serve as the chief midday snoozler and happy hour schmoozer.

Born and raised in California, I now live in Sacramento and love coming into the office once a week to see my friends and cool off.  When I’m not wearing my jacket, politely asking for scritches, or defending against the squirrels, you can find me playing catch with myself and dolphin diving into couch cushions.

  • Eye contact
  • Receptive English (conversational and imperative)
  • Making people smile
  • Being really good
  • Any ball, stationary or in motion
  • All my dear friends, both human and canine
Technical Specialties
  • Scenting, alerting, and finding
  • Getting and bringing
  • Making myself small in planes and trains
Prior Experience
  • Best pal to the neighborhood kids
  • Walking friend to the nice lady next door
  • Double MA, Canine Good Citizenry & Public Access, All Stage Canine Development (Sacramento)
  • BA, Basic Manners, Extreme Recall, and Tricks, Bravo! Pup (Oakland)