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A Blueprint for Action: Coaching as a Tool for Building Leadership and Effective Organizations in the Nonprofit Sector


In 2005, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation initiated the Coaching and Philanthropy Project to assess the use of coaching within the nonprofit sector. Coaching is a powerful strategy for cultivating strong leadership and building effective organizations, and the Foundation sought to expand the use of coaching among nonprofits.

Informing Change’s research identified substantial rewards for nonprofits prepared to use coaching as a tool for growth. These included

  • The philanthropic sector’s support of coaching for nonprofit grantees
  • The demand for coaching among nonprofits
  • The readiness of the coaching profession to provide services to nonprofits
  • The added value of coaching to enhance the work of the nonprofit sector

Informing Change’s findings and report provide a framework for strategic advancement of coaching as a nonprofit leadership and organizational development tool.