Informing Change’s education practice is driven by our goal of informing change in organizations that promote educational equity and opportunity for low-income and underserved youth. We work in partnership with foundations, educational institutions and other non-profit organizations to support positive outcomes for students from early childhood through post-secondary education. Our clients’ goals—and ours—are to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to a vibrant and inclusive society.

We are passionate about helping our clients build their capacity to measure the results of their work, make informed and strategic choices, and effectively advocate for the resources necessary to help all students succeed. Our team brings years of experience in evaluation, organizational effectiveness and applied research. We also bring deep content knowledge and extensive professional experience in the education grantmaking field. Our intentionally diverse mix of foundation and non-profit clients allows us to bring useful lessons and insights from each project to better serve other clients. By sharing what we have learned with a larger audience of education, philanthropic and non-profit leaders, our work highlights best practices and promotes innovation.

Read about these examples of our current and recent education content work.