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Tina Cheplick

Project Director

I’ve always liked untangling things—my mother’s sewing box, holiday light cords, twisted garden hoses. Much of the work I do with evaluation and strategic learning is to help clients untangle the pieces of their daily work for better results. I help others see their work in a new light. It excites me when our work gives clients new insights and new knowledge about how their efforts are affecting communities and individuals.

I’ve worked in nonprofits, doing youth development, volunteer management and community organizing work at the ground level, and I know how the demands and intensity of the work fully absorbs the staff’s time and energy. Stepping back to assess strategies and outcomes feels like a luxury. But in doing so, organization leaders will find clarity and important insights, which can streamline the work and energize the team. The nonprofit sector plays a critical role in improving life for all of us, tackling society’s toughest problems before either business or government. A strong, smart, creative volunteer-led nonprofit sector is critical for achieving a fair, just and equitable society. And that’s where I see the impact of my daily work here: supporting the nonprofit sector in creating smart, strong, caring communities for the good of us all.

  • Nonprofit capacity building
  • Strategy development
  • Community collaborations
  • Cross-sector partnerships
  • Field building
  • Youth development
  • Youth civic engagement
  • Service & volunteerism
Prior Experience
  • Executive Director of a community nonprofit organization for nine years
  • Deputy Director, Grantmaker Forum on National & Community Service
  • Deputy Director, Youth Service California
  • Organizer, statewide cross-sector service and volunteerism conferences
  • Disaster response volunteer trainer
  • Community development work in the Pacific islands of Micronesia
  • Girl Scout resident camp director

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