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Julia Ritchie


As systems-change strategists, the leadership and staff of Informing Change are committed to supporting organizational learning through a shared set of values that resonate deeply with me personally. For instance, the team at Informing Change is uniquely able to be both disciplined and innovative, to be both rigorous and creative, and to be both honest and compassionate. All of these are qualities that have helped strengthen programs, build stronger and smarter enterprises, while elevating the capacity in the sector to drive social change.

As a fellow traveler in the nonprofit and social justice space, I have tremendous regard for the quality of work that Informing Change provides and even more admiration for the way they approach their work with their clients. I have been an organizational development consultant for more than 20 years. As the principal of my own consulting firm, I share in the joys and challenges of operating a consulting firm. I am committed to being a thought partner and learning ally with the Informing Change team and honored to be a member of the governing board.