Our Approach

Each Informing Change project is unique in scope and receives singular attention. All of our clients benefit from seven key qualities that characterize our work. We are:

Client focused: Our staff are deeply grounded in knowledge of the sector. We’re valued for our creative thinking and our customized approach. We partner with our clients to craft solutions that make sense for their work.

Accessible: Every client is assigned a dedicated project leader from initial proposal to project completion. We guarantee steady and ready access when you need us.

Focused on learning and reflection: We place a premium on learning—both our clients’ and our own—to inform change.                                    

Strategic thinkers: We bring intelligence and insight to every project and assignment. We stay squarely focused on pragmatic solutions that advance our clients’ effectiveness.

A team of highly trained professionals: We dedicate a specific team to each project and draw on the collective wisdom of our entire staff. We bring both focused and collective expertise to every client project.

Rigorous yet flexible: We pride ourselves on the soundness of our processes and the quality of our deliverables as well as our ability to adapt to meet the change needs of our clients and the environment.

Relevant and timely: We have a talent for making complex information accessible in narrative and visual formats that audiences can quickly understand and apply to practice. We present information in real-time to inform program strategy, implementation and refinement.

Our mission is to help organizations improve their effectiveness and build a culture of learning and continuous improvement. By integrating our broad content knowledge in building data capacity, strategy development, applied research and evaluation, we create projects that support the growth, development and learning of every client.