Examining the Effects of Short-Term Volunteer Projects on Host Communities

Presentation of  “The Worth of What They Do”

BTW Principal Ellen Irie participated in a conference call with Jon Rosenberg, CEO of Repair the World, to announce the results of a recent exploratory study on the impact of short-term immersive Jewish service-learning (IJSL) on communities served by IJSL programs. Around sixty five attendees listened to Ellen present highlights from the exploratory study which  found that when IJSL projects are well planned and executed, negative impacts are anticipated, and potential problems are addressed proactively, then positive impacts for host communities predominate.

December 13, 2010

8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Repair the World Conference Call/Podcast

For more information, or to download a podcast of the presentation, visit Repair the Word’s Web site.