Join Us for Conversations on Systems-Thinking with Guest Steve Waddell

Informing Change has been expanding our application of large-scale systems change and complex adaptive systems theories to our evaluation and strategy development work, and we’re exploring how these ideas can best be adapted for practitioners and philanthropists. Some of these theories show up in more commonly known “collective impact” or design-innovation projects and their evaluation; others are distinct.

As part of our learning, we’ve invited Steve Waddell to lead a few small conversations about The Potsdam Initiative—a systems transformation framework he is developing for work on the inter-related issues of sustainable energy, health care, climate change and education. We’ll also be discussing whether and how we might build a local learning-and-practice community for individuals interested in large-scale systems change in the Bay Area.

If you’re interested in attending one of these free, invitation-only sessions, please contact Informing Change Research Project Assistant, Isaac Agree, at

Steve Waddell is co-leading the development of a global, multi-stakeholder, collaborative initiative to build capacity to address large systems change challenges at scale (currently referred to as the Potsdam Systems Transformation Initiative). Steve has worked with the UN Global Compact, the World Bank, the Ford Foundation, Humanity United, and USAID, among many other clients and partners. He is a principal of Networking Action and lead steward for the Ecosystem Labs. He has a PhD in sociology and an MBA. He is author of several articles and Societal Learning and Change: Innovation with Multi-Stakeholder Strategies and Global Action Networks: Creating Our Future Together. He is the lead editor of a special issue of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship (June 2015) on the topic of large systems change and is working on applying the principles of global action networks to local and regional action networks in the US.