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Sisters of Charity Foundation Cleveland

The Sisters of Charity Foundation Cleveland works to improve the lives of those most in need, especially families, women and children living in poverty. The Foundation works to end homelessness, reduce health and education disparities and sustain the ministries of women religious.

In 2012, the Foundation rounded out a five-year strategic plan. At its conclusion, the Foundation looked to Informing Change to assess the resulting impacts and examine the effectiveness of the strategies used to help strengthen and refine efforts going forward. To do this, Informing Change created data collection tools, collected and analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data and developed a report that provides assessment findings and provides recommendations.

The report found that the Foundation has made progress towards reaching their intended outcomes, specifically by enhancing grantee and partner capacity; supporting more interventions, resources, housing or services; disseminating new models and best practices; raising awareness and support for focus area issues; recognizing and addressing systemic barriers; and empowering individuals.