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William and Flora Hewlett Foundation – Performing Arts Program

The Hewlett Foundation came to Informing Change and our partners at Olive Grove with a strategic question about a particular funder-grantee relationship. While Hewlett is one of the largest institutional funders of the performing arts in the San Francisco Bay Area, they do not directly fund small arts organizations and individual artists. Instead, Hewlett funds intermediary organizations who, in turn, support individuals and groups with Hewlett’s resources, along with funds of their own or from other sources. These intermediary organizations, with help from Hewlett, supported over 1,000 projects from 2010-13 with over $7 million.

Informing Change collaborated with Olive Grove to assess this grant portfolio and to explore how this regranting strategy is helping to achieve Hewlett’s goals to cultivate the San Francisco Bay Area arts ecosystem. Our analysis, shared with the regranting intermediaries, led to a series of recommendations, several of which the Foundation implemented soon after receiving the report by deepening its funding in this area and exploring regranting partners in under-served communities.