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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Since 2003, the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative has worked to improve nursing-related patient care in acute care hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento areas. To work towards this goal, the Nursing Initiative is guided by the four key strategies: 1) creating a larger and better prepared nursing workforce; 2) promoting hospital patient safety; 3) improving patient transitions from the hospital; and 4) developing frontline clinicians’ leadership skills and motivation.

In February 2014, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation contracted with Informing Change to conduct a final, cumulative assessment of the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative to capture key impacts and learnings to inform internal audiences and to share with key external stakeholders. This final evaluation will provide an overview of the history and evolution of the Nursing Initiative; document and share the Nursing Initiative’s accomplishments and challenges; and assess the Nursing Initiative’s design and implementation, including strengths and the areas that could have been improved.