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Center for Care Innovations (formerly known as the Community Clinics Initiative)

Since 2005, Informing Change has worked with CCI (formerly known as the Community Clinics Initiative) to evaluate a number of their programs, ranging from programs focused on the use of health information technology to enhancing clinical leadership to improving facilities to strengthening clinics’ networking efforts with other community partners. In 2012, CCI became the Center for Care Innovations. With a new name and an expanded focus, CCI works with multiple funders on projects to bring people and resources together to accelerate innovation in the health care safety net.

Informing Change recently worked with CCI on an evaluation of their pilot Community Health Center Innovation Challenge program. This evaluation assessed the effectiveness of the grants and other supports including technical assistance offered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, learning communities and convenings. The evaluation also captured learnings about innovation and process improvements among the grantees.

Currently, Informing Change is working with CCI to gather data about how people prefer to connect to each other and manage information about the health care safety net. The assessment is examining the extent to which and how people use the CCI’s online community, the CCI Voice, as well as other tools.