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California Healthcare Foundation

Informing Change is working with the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) to evaluate Rethink Pain, its on line cognitive behavioral therapy program (CCBT), which is being piloted with safety net populations experiencing chronic pain. The goal of CCBT is to provide patients with a cost-effective, technologically advanced way of replicating aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy through interactive internet platforms. The evaluation seeks to understand the extent to which participation in the CCBT program relates to improved health outcomes (e.g., decreased level of pain experienced, increased feeling of control over pain), patient satisfaction, provider/clinician satisfaction, and decreased levels of opiate use and emergency room utilization. The CCBT program developed by Empower Interactive, Inc., launched with its first patients in Spring 2014 and will be evaluated through the Fall.

Through patient surveys, provider surveys and site visits, Informing Change is identifying the key learnings about the pilot program, documenting the model and its impacts, and offering recommendations for program improvements and evaluation practices going forward.