Suzuki Rodriguez


In her tenure at Informing Change, first as an assistant and now as an associate, Suzuki has developed a wide-ranging and dynamic sense of how different areas for change—education, health, and youth engagement—interact and affect one another, especially in low-income communities.

She draws on these interconnections to design user-centered data collection instruments that effectively reach and resonate with respondents (e.g., youth, Spanish speakers) as well as deliver useful data to our clients. In analyzing data for clients such as the County of Santa Clara, Destiny Arts Center, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and Gap Foundation, Suzuki has explored, in particular, how interventions in health, education, workforce development can improve outcomes and opportunities for low-income young people.

Suzuki has a diverse academic, work and research background. Prior to joining the team at Informing Change, Suzuki developed protocols, collected and analyzed data, prepared presentations, and trained undergraduates on an array of research techniques in a lab at the University of California, Berkeley. As an undergraduate, Suzuki supported diversity in education by mentoring primarily first-generation college students, providing social support and network opportunities for Latino students. Suzuki served as an academic tutor for a nonprofit organization, College Track, in San Francisco. Suzuki’s never far from her fur baby, a Siberian husky named Rocco—even when she’s at work, where traces of his fur cling to anything and everything.

Suzuki holds a BA in Sociology and Theater and Performance Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.