Who We Are

As analysts, teachers, writers, advocates, and scientists, we all have roots in different places. In our team-based structure, we use one another’s different perspectives to learn from one another and see the world—and the problems our clients are trying to solve—more clearly. While we find strength in these differences, we rally around what unites us (including but not limited to Bay Area sports teams, a love of snacking, book club, happy hours, and corny jokes), namely: our commitment to using learning and reflection to make our communities healthier and more equitable.

If this commitment drives you, too, you’d fit right in.

Who You Are

Our three core values—integrity, intelligence and compassion—and the pursuit of social justice guide every facet of our work; these values, and the following competencies, are the essential elements we seek in all of our candidates:

  • Sharp critical thinking balanced with the ingenuity, judgement and initiative to solve problems
  • Curiosity that propels ongoing learning and reflection
  • Articulate written and verbal communication
  • Earnest and internally-driven motivation
  • Strong time and project management
  • Superior organizational skills and steadfast attention to detail
  • A good-hearted sense of humor
  • Commitment to performing highest quality work to meet client needs
  • Enthusiasm for contributing to a thriving and growing firm

The Process

During the hiring process, we recognize that you’re learning about us as much as we’re learning about you. Throughout the different stages—which may consist of phone or video interviews, on-site interviews with different groups of staff members, and skills assessments—we encourage candidates to ask us questions and explore the work, people and culture at Informing Change.

Informing Change is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, gender, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected characteristic. Individuals who identify as minorities, L/G/B/T/Q, or both are strongly encouraged to apply.